The printing factory of GOJO PAPER VIETNAM

GOJO PAPER MFG Paper types


GOJO PAPER MFG Paper types


GOJO PAPER MFG Paper types


GOJO PAPER MFG Paper types

Love Natural

From changing response to change creation for the global era

Since our founding, we have responded to changes in the times with our own philosophy, ideals, and vision, but we will continue to create changes for the next generation in order to further contribute to society.


Thought | We will contribute to society by providing hope and happiness to people’s lives through our business.

Thought | Make full use of your own creativity to open the door to a new paper culture.

Vision    | Establish a position as a top paper brand manufacturer in the global market.

Company Profile Sustainability

Cooperation among three countries

(Gojo Paper Manufacturing, GPS, Shanghai GOJO, Vietnam GOJO)

We can import our own paper from Japan and China and print and process it in Vietnam.

Even if the customer makes a decision in Japan and produces overseas, we have bases in Vietnam and China, so we can follow up with the customer more efficiently and effectively. Sales staff from each country work together.

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