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Printing processing & Design Works

Even in the printing process performed in Vietnam, it is possible to carry out quality control of Japanese standards and propose processing.

By understanding the printability and processing suitability of paper and mixing it up with Japanese standard designs, we will be able to provide products with sophisticated designs.

By making total coordination from the selection of paper, such as proposing designs using environmentally friendly paper, we will propose innovative environment-friendly products with a unique concept.

Introduction of printing processing

Introduction of printing processing

UV offset printing

By irradiating with UV, it can be dried immediately, so work efficiency is good.

In addition, since it is possible to print on materials such as PP and PET, it is suitable for printing PP and PET cases, and it is also possible to create products with tag labels such as PP and PET.

Since there is no need to wait for the ink to dry, the next step can be performed immediately.

The ability to respond to delivery dates has improved, and we can flexibly respond to customer delivery dates.

Laminated film available

* PP laminate, PET laminate

Glossy (shiny, glossy)

Matte (not glossy, matte)

The surface protection is protected by sticking a PP film or PET film on the surface.

It is suitable for surface protection and is effective in reducing the rubbing of printed matter.

OP varnish without film

*Overprint varnish

Glossy (shiny, glossy)

Matte (not glossy, matte)

Protects the surface without sticking a film.

Suitable for surface protection and effective in reducing scratches and rubbing.

No UV coat film

* UV coating

UV application with an off-coat machine

UV curable paint has a three-dimensional network structure on the surface, resulting in an extremely tough film.

As a result, the abrasion resistance is stronger. However, please note that if you apply it too thick, the surface may break and crack.

It is environmentally friendly, unlike surface processing that laminates vinyl resin or film.

Foil stamping (hot stamping)

* Foil stamping (hot stamping)

Partially expresses the feeling of metallic material (gold, silver) and gives a luxurious image to the package. It is a process of crimping foil onto the surface of paper to fix it.

We will create a foil stamping mold, so it is a mold for stamping separately from the data to be printed.

Data is required.

Please note that a foil stamping plate and a foil stamping mold are required based on the data.

Emboss (deboss)

* Embossing

It is possible to use the cushioning properties of paper to create irregularities along the pattern and express it in three dimensions.

Please note that embossing is the process of making the printed matter stand out in a convex shape, and a concave and convex stamping die is required.

On the other hand, the process of denting the printed matter in a concave shape is called debossing.

Please note that as with embossing, concave and convex stamps are required.

Blister glue

* Blister processing

It is possible to apply blister glue to create a blister mount.

Toothbrush mount, UV cream, stationery, and various miscellaneous goods blister pack mounts

It can be used for various purposes.

Silk printing

* Silk printing

The strength of silk printing is that it is suitable for solid printing, and since it is possible to apply thick ink, it is possible to give a partial three-dimensional effect. You can bring out the luxury of gold, silver and pearl.

Synergistic effect with Design Works

Design AW (artwork) can be created in cooperation with the design department of GPS, a Japanese group company. It is possible to understand and propose the properties of Gojo Paper’s special and high-quality paper, so it is recommended for customers who desire high-class differentiation. If you have a request in Vietnam, please feel free to contact us.

Creating a sample

A sample creation service using a large-format inkjet printer, CAD cutter, and laminator is possible in cooperation with the Japanese group company GPS. Please note that in Vietnam, it will be mailed from Japan. Please feel free to contact us regarding delivery dates and costs. If you would like a sample of the actual machine in Vietnam, please feel free to contact us as we can handle it.

Paper selection

The choice of paper that will be part of the design is a very important factor. GOJO PAPER VIETNAM can handle various types of paper in cooperation with Gojo Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Japan. If you have any requests for cut samples, please feel free to contact us. In addition, some items are stocked by running at GOJO PAPER VIETNAM, so we would appreciate it if you could contact us as well. Please refer to the Gojo Paper Product introduction site. https://www.gojo.co.jp/product